I also started wondering today what it’s really going to be like up there on the glacier. Will I have the proper gear? What happens if I don’t? What happens if someone gets hurt or we all have to turn around? One person who did the trek years ago said that there is a liason officer that accompanies your group to be sure that you are following the regulations set out in your trekking permit. What happens if someone can’t deal with the altitude? What if that person is me? What am I going to do and how will we handle that? It would be seriously disappointing if we had to turn back, but no oxygen = no good. Physical training doesn’t bother me as much as does access to information about where we are going and how to handle it. I am admittedly a little nervous and losing a little sleep tonight thinking that I won’t be as prepared as I should be or could be. Everything from tents to altitude to politics to local customs and cultures. So much to learn. Mostly though, I know that there is only so much you CAN know without actually going. SO one day at a time, right?