I thought that maybe I would write about decisions. My reasoning is not always instantaneously clear, nor can I always put into words why I have made the choices I have made. I tend to react first to my gut and then search openly for reasons that support or refute that initial gut instinct. The first part of my own process is decidedly emotional and often based on my keen sense of perception. The second, third and fourth steps of my decision making process are highly critical and I like to think that the two parts work in tandem in the end. For example, when the invitation for the trek first came along, I jumped off my couch and said, “yes! absolutely! are you kidding me? once in a lifetime! and this is it!” I was immediately sure I wanted to go and all of my trekking experiences to date said that this was doable. It was also based of of a deep sense of trust that I have for Ahsan. It was only after I calmed down that I said, “hmm, Pakistan. Taliban. me. American.” and not until later that I also considered, “ah. altitude. high. pulmonary adema. bad. Oxygen, water. important. glacial cravasses. deep.”  and then there was the more practical questions of how I expected to get off work for a month and actually get away with it… and of course, there was also paying for it. Over a year and a half away and it wasn’t too soon to start exploring these things.