I will be honest. I am a bit nervous about posting my training regimen. This most likely is a fear leftover from my days as an athlete and a coach, and my constant tendency to compare and self-assess. But it is also because I am somewhat nervous to see if the training actually works. Oh accountability. I have never had to train for high altitude — and short of smothering my face with a pillow and doing wind sprints up and down the hills of san francisco — I cannot assume that any of the training I am doing will actually help when my body gets to be 5 miles higher than where I am now. I pray to the greek gods of exercise that it does. Despite my relative inactivity during my 4 months of travel from December to April, I am shocked to find that my general level of fitness is still pretty good – but high intensity training and weight bearing exercise is high on the list of training priorities. This will come as great disappointment and aching surprise to my muscles which are used to medium to low intensity workouts for long and sustained periods of time. Time to switch it up and make things happen.