I have been waiting to hear about airline tickets for the past several months. It is the first real step for me in making all of this very official. Up until now it has been talk and dates and gear and planning, but I have had to make no solid commitment until now. First the airline ticket, next will be the visa application. They are big steps – ones I do not make lightly. It actually is a little crazy that this is finally here. Somedays I have to pinch myself, I get so excited. Other days I slap myself thinking that this must be one of the most insane things I have done. It’s the two parts of my head that aren’t seeming to come together. For more on that see here or here)

There was much talk about the schedule and dates – which admittedly still makes me a little nervous – not only becuase our changed dates come at about the same time as most of the rain and storms decide to show up, but also because they cut uncomfortably close to some other commitments I have on the return. There is part of me that says, without a doubt, that this will work out. There is another part of me that is still uncomfortable with the “what-ifs”