Chart 1: Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan in April 2010

Chart 3: Comparison with Six Months’ Figure

Table 4: Detail of Casualties April 2010

I spent some time today reading through the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies’ website. I took a closer look at the monthly Pakistan Security Reports, which break down the number of attacks by city and region and also tally the number of injuries and fatalities in these specific geographies. In a separate chart, the report classifies the injuries and fatalities based on the type of attack, (terrorist, security forces, drone, border conflict etc.) regardless of geography. The reports for each month also detail how many of these deaths and injuries were attributed to the civilian, militant and security force populations, and communicate how the current month’s violence compares to similar figures from the past six months. Finally, the reports communicate the number of times various attack tactics were used by terrorists (IED, direct shoot, remote controlled bombs, rocket, grenades, etc) These reports are hugely informative and one of the best sources of information I have found.