Perhaps I should write a few things about training: Somehow I have gotten it into my head that no one really could be interested in my daily training routine. Mostly because training, for me, is like breathing. It is something that I wake up each morning knowing that I am going to do and go to bed each night feeling better that I have finished. In my world, it is something that I have been doing for the past 15 years in one capacity or another. I could fill pages and pages with my general mood and musings before and after workouts. But I have always felt that there are enough people writing about these things and perhaps it gets boring to me because it is what I do… daily. But I am thinking that maybe it warrants a little more blog real estate than I allow it.

So here’s a quick synopsis of the things I have done over the past few days:
Tues :: 20 min run + 40min circuit training : (3×12 of the following: 3Ext Squats, pushups, Bulgarian split squat, body weight row, DB shoulder press, walking lunge, 90″ plank)
Wed :: 8 mi hike with loaded pack
Thurs :: 2hour group cycle :: avg speed 18mph

This weekend I’m headed to Colorado for my cousin’s birthday, which will also give me a chance to do a few workouts at altitude to see how my lungs hold up.