Travels with a Blue Bandada. ©Ahsan Iqbal

Today as I was walking, I realized that in this moment I am doing everything and nothing that I want to do. Everything because there is something about existing daily in a sense of awe and wonderment – to be surrounded by things that are greater than yourself – and though you traverse their valleys and marvel at the seeming impossibility of it all, you know that it is so much greater than you. You will never be able to understand it. It is a journey and place that is made for endless exploration and its magnificence provides a perspective that didn’t exist before. Suddenly life is simple. Life has a greater meaning – and somehow in this moment, I have become that explorer. The journey demands nothing except open eyes and sensitive heart and apart form the daily physical exertion, it only asks that you soak things up. Again, I am not expressing this well, but today I felt like I came closer to being the explorer that I have always wanted to become.

Jeff gets out tent tightened up a bit. In the back on the left are the Trango Towers and the Lobsang Spires are on the right. Ahsan says you have to see this in the original format. ©Ahsan Iqbal